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The Company W-Boost

W-Boost was founded by Jos Westhof-Jacobs, formerly active as Account Manager and Sales Specialist for EMC and Tempest at Rohde & Schwarz for 25 years.

Now 100% focussing on his own business, taking into account respect and loyalty for Rohde & Schwarz and all other close and reliable sales partners.

This business is focussed on Solutions for Systems & Projects. You can find your benefit under the Services tag, this within the Domains in which we are specialised.

Some successful references and experiences from the past

  • Establishment of complete Turnkey EMC Centres throughout the Benelux and abroad, this in the area of civil, military, aerospace, automotive and medical EMC.
  • Design & Advise on Test Systems and/or Infrastructure (*1) (Benelux, Germany, Austria, France, Algeria, …)
  • Tempest Test Solutions for both Tempest Profile Testing as well as Zoning Testing, to NATO, various MOD’s, MOI’s throughout the world, going from the Benelux to France, Italy, Central European Countries, the Baltic States, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, etc…
  • Antenna Test Chambers for Mobile Phone Operators.
  • Various EMC Training Courses, SeminarsLectures, Papers,…
  • Advise & installation of RF Shielding on Secured Rooms (meeting rooms, data centers, …) for the European Institutions, Financial Institutions, etc…
  • Close cooperation with research centers, universities, international working groups
  • and so on…

(*1) In close cooperation with Siepel, France,


Office & Contact

Contact person:  Jos Westhof-Jacobs

Office location:

  • Company Address: Eekhoornstraat N° 2 – B-3070 Kortenberg
  • Correspondence Address: Eekhoornstraat N° 6A – B-3070 Kortenberg

Administrative details:

  • Bank IBAN BE58 7340 2831 1679 – BIC: KREDBEBB
  • VAT / TVA / BTW (KBO): RPR BE0822.039.366
  • Registr. H. AER/VBR/013409 – GA. 04.26.00

Business card:

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