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For any RF Security issue, W-Boost has the right solution

In a modern world RF Security is crucial. We are faced with spying, through RF signals.

On the market you’ll find many cheap GSM bug transmitters, which easily can be hidden into the secured area.  They work very properly and transmit audio data through the classical GSM channels, amongst all other communication.  In some cases other unknown frequency bands are used.

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RF Security not only deals with speech or audio, also IT equipment transfers data ‘through-the-air’.  Not only the classical Wifi or other short range devices, which can easily be intercepted, but also the IT device itself transmits compromising data in an unintended way, without awareness of the user.  Even if all your RF I/O connections are protected against eavesdropping, though encryption, each video display contains the data ‘in clear’. The same is valid for keyboard keystrokes, datatransfers to storage media or printers or beamers/video projectors not always are or can be encrypted.

So by picking up these RF signals, though very sensitive and broadband receivers and directional high gain antennas, the data contents can be captured and reconstructed.  E.g. VDU or keyboard data can be picked up and ‘rastered’, i.e. analyzed with respect to well known patterns (H/V refresh rates of displays, RGB clocks over VGA/DVI/ …, datatransfer via USB, …

Depending on the type of interference or risk, W-Boost provides the right solution by:

  • Area or Zone Characterisation

Identification of hidden transmitters (bugs) by observation of the RF spectrum over time.

– Spotting the interferer with handheld test equipment by using measurement equipment (RF Spectrum Analyzers / Monitoring receivers), if necessary controlled by dedicated software (remote control, analysis, localisation).

– Measuring the RF attenuation between the secured area and inspectible space.  Here we speak about Tempest Zoning test systems.

  • Shielding of the area to be secured

Keeping information secure is difficult in the age of cell phones and WiFi.  Radio frequency (RF) shielding materials like copper, window meshes, films, data filters) provide anti-eavesdropping countermeasures and wireless security to meet Tempest, SCIF and Wireless security requirements.  This shielding can be realised in various ways and made ‘invisible’ to the user. This is what we call ‘architectural shielding‘.  They are even available in blast mitigation versions which provide total physical protection and information security in one installation. Privacy and security is ensured.

  • Use of well shielded (Tempest Proofed) IT equipment.


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