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The Wireless Radio-Frequency World: Challenges and solutions.

Everything goes through the air nowadays…  Wireless RF Performance of equipment is crucial.  In order to setup a reliable and stable RF link, you need a good understanding of RF propagation.  Proper operation of the RF links will be determined by:

  • media
  • distance
  • frequency
  • bandwidth of the signal

RF Spectrum

But you still need interconnectivity with the rest of the world, which is wired, or can be a mixture of both.

Example 1:

Having an industrial plant, controlling fork lift trucks wirelessly, no driver anymore… should work properly.  Therefore the unit needs to be driven to a power socket and charge before going down and to continue the job which was scheduled before.  All controlled and monitored by a central operator.  Looks simple.

But what if RF signalling is going down. Or a cable? Communication should be reliable and stable at any time.  Not being interfered by unexpected disturbances from the environment.  Is there a need for a backup link or channel optimisation, or shall the EMC performance be improved?

Example 2:

On a lazy sunny summer afternoon, you’re sitting in the backyard of your garden, and want to enjoy some lounge music from the internet radio.  In the mean time you’re finishing a creative marketing report for your boss at the other side of the ocean.  So from your tablet PC you select your favourite Internet Radio Station through WiFi and WLAN, play the music via your wireless Bluetooth speaker, have access to the company server, store your results somewhere in the Cloud and discuss with your Cell Phone or Skype.  Just imagine what connections are made between all elements.

Example 3:

Radio-Communications on an Airplane: radar, radio, navigation, internet, interconnection between the wireless world and the airplane & ATC

Example 4:

Driving a car anno 2015: navigation, anti-collision detection (radar), speed control & warnings, mobile communications, infotainment, … all together.

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