What do we understand by Consultancy?

“Consultancy is to Listen, Discuss and Understand before offering Advise.”

Here, knowledge is the keyword.


As an example, in case of an electrical installation or new product design in the EMC world… Who takes care about my CE marking and Declaration of Conformity? According to what standard should I test and measure? What are the Directives to be applied?… many questions, but always a solution.

The consultancy we offer is a study of the project resulting in an extensive report.


This – as far as desired – in combination with a (pre-)audit covering all discussed topics.

Engineering and Assistance

When you design an equipment, module or subassembly, it’s like assembling a puzzle, and all pieces need to fit together. Bright brains are needed. Generally they are available in-house, but in some cases extras need to be hired, temporarily, often project driven.

Even a better description is comparing Engineering with Cooking:  You need creativity, the best ingredients, the most efficient way and timing to get to the desired result which reflects the ‘Passion‘.


There is the bright Thai kitchen, fabulous Italian creations, traditional French food, it’s all about chemistry and for every creation or project, you need the right specialist and guidance.


Here W-Boost offers the flexibility of ‘Outsourcing‘: we rely on own experience in many of our core business fields, and on a vaste network of specialists who can be recommended as a solution for the lack of experience.  A well-determined part of the development and/or engineering can be carried out by W-Boost.

Your benefits:

  • Straightforward approach
  • Clear objectives and goals
  • Well defined cost – no surprises afterwards
  • Strict deadlines

Our strengths:

  • Maximum flexibility
  • Great network of skills and competences
  • Commitment to success

The benefits of outsourcing: click this link: whitepaper4_editorial_NL (dutch)


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