Training1  W-Boost offers two types of trainings:

System trainings

Every system, every solution, needs to be put into service as efficiently as possible. Therefore we provide training. By the experts.

These trainings are operator trainings, focussing on the system configuration, operation of equipment, hardware and software.  Practice, hands-on and troubleshooting are the keywords.

Knowledge trainings

Aside system trainings, we offer a variety of knowledge trainings.  These trainings are more theoretically based, illustrated by exercises and practical setups.  Back to school.  We focus on the ‘AHA’ effect.  Knowledge trainings are modular, starting with basics and going in depth, according the skills and requirements of the customer.

Our special strengths are the field of RF Test & Measurement and Electro-Magnetic Compatibility.  For that, please refer to the special EMC Training portal, describing various EMC training programs.


We do not only supply a handbook or getting started manual or DVD, not only a Powerpoint presentation, no!

Our trainings are tailor-made, depending on the customer’s demand.  The training contents always are ‘à la carte’. Nothing is standard. We focus on the weak points of the customer and take benefit from his own experiences. So trainings are given as a kind of workshop instead of a boring monologue.

Trainings can be given in Dutch, French, English and German.  At customer site.


infoContact: [email protected], +32 471 368 364